Travel Guide: 5 Days In Andalucia, Spain

End of may 2021, my boyfriend and I went for a trip in Andalucia.

I know that planning your trip can be overwhelming, so I thought that writing this article might be very helpful for the one who are struggling and “lazy” to look for stuff to do in the south of Spain!

I really wanted to share this experience to give you the best input from a spontaneous and authentic view. I am just gonna give you my thought about this trip, what we did, what we loved etc…

Number of day: 5 days, 6 nights

Transportation: we took a plane to come from Amsterdam + trains to travel between the cities. Also, we were in Barcelona for the weekend so the price would not be accurate.

Train from Sevilla to Granada: 80 euros for 2

Train from Granada to Barcelona: 180 euros for 2 (it was soooo expensive !! Probably because we booked last minute)

Hotels: 440 euros for 5 nights

Car rental: 60 euros for a day + 19 euros the parking in Cordoba + 60 euros gaz

Activities: 73 euros (The Alhambra, Real Alcazar, The Mesquita)

Food & drinks: it really depends on you. To give you an idea, you can count between 20 euros and 40 euros for 2 people. It’s really not expensive usually there. It depends where you go of course. The only fancy we went is the one in Cordoba, we paid around 70euros for 2

Time of the year: end of May. And I highly recommend to go on this period as it gets very hot during summer. At this time it was already 35 degrees.

Total: around 910 euros for 2 people, without counting food.



Let’s start with the beautiful Sevilla.

Capital of Andalusia, it is actually a “small” city so 3 full days are enough to go around and do everything that you want, from walking around, visiting, eating tapas and drinking sangria! We actually stayed 2 full days and I thought that we missed one day to go a bit deeper – unfortunately.

We arrived on Sunday end of day so of course, we immediately left the hotel to go around, to feel the vibes, to EAT tapas and DRINK sangria. Honestly, I completely fell in love with the city, immediately! I am the type that feels the vibes, the energy of a place and I felt so good there, but reallyyyy!

Monday comes.

I don’t know how you are but honestly, my boyfriend and I are so un-organized when it comes to holiday. We are just like whatever, let’s check the day before what we can do and we improvise. All the time… I kind of like it though.

So we checked a few things to do around and let’s go!


Yep, be ready for that!


1- The Jardines de Murillo

A beautiful big garden situated in the Santa Cruz parc. Surrounded by fountains, flowers, huge trees, calmness & peacefulness.

Small walk around, a few pictures, smell the flowers and we are back on track! Though, I’d have loved to have more time, take a book and sit on a bench because it was very peaceful.

We continued our “tour”, and we ended up walking in tiny streets which felt like Arabic areas because of the warm colors and the architecture.


Historical moment: in Sevilla you will find a lot of muslim heritages, such as its architecture because the city has been dominated by the Muslim community until late 1400.


2- The Patio de Banderas

We suddenly arrived in Patio de Banderas, a place surrounded by trees (again) where you can actually see the Cathedral, that was unexpected and so beautiful! Then, as you might have guessed, we have walked through the Cathedral, took a lot of pictures, continue into the city.

Actually, we just followed our feelings. This is our way of visiting, going from a main point and walk around. That way we are surprised by the different things that appear in front of our eyes, it makes our experience more magical because we don’t know what’s waiting for us and I love doing this.


3- The Plaza de Toros Maestrenza

This place was a big fail: it was closed 😂

So we ended up sitting by the water, that was a good rest at least!

I think we walked around 3h at this point so it was time (finally) to have lunch. Tapas & sangria combination again.


4- The Plaza de Espana

On a walk again, we saw from far 2 massive columns which have caught our eyes: let’s go!

Not disappointed at all, we enter the parc, which is the Park Maria Luisa and out of nowhere, a massive kind of castle appear in front of us: Plaza de Espana.


This was majestic.

This place is one of the most beautiful square in Sevilla. This amazing architecture was actually built for an exposition at the time.


The square is surrounded by a canal that you can cross with the 4 bridges that lead to a big fountain in the middle. The 4 bridges actually represent the 4 ancient kingdoms of Spain (Leon, Castilla, Aragon, Navarre).

Though, not sure if you can visit the buildings. We didn’t, after walking the whole day we were very tired! We didn’t even walk in the parc ☹ so if you have the opportunity, please share pictures with me (I mean, seriously :D)



On Tuesday we wanted to see the other part of Sevilla so we went North, with less tourists. We like to feel the kind of “real” part of the city, where real life is happening. We spent the morning just walking kind of randomly, looking at the beauty of the architecture, stopping in some cafés (because we are coffee lovers)

Again, colorful small streets all around: we loved it!


1- The Palace Alcazar

The afternoon was more exciting: we entered in the famous Palace of Sevilla. The most emblematic attraction in Sevilla! It is actually recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage.

What can I tell you?


You MUST visit it, REALLY!

And, it doesn’t cost a lot, I think we paid 11 – 12EUR and we spent around 2-3h there.

Honestly, it was amazing!

From the palace with a mix of Renaissance, Baroque and XIX century styles in the inside, to the outside surrounded by palm trees, orange trees, flowers, fountains, peacocks and ducks, all around the big garden. You will not be disappointed!

For the Game of Thrones fans: this place is actually the Kingdom of Dorne!

Just take your time there to walk around, it is worth it and it was my favorite attraction in Sevilla.


Early morning: we take the train to go to Granada to spend 2 days.

To be honest, the last days have been very tiring, we walked approximately 13kms per day + the train of the morning, I can tell you that we were DEAD!

Actually, the only thing that we have planed was the Alhambra for the day after, the rest was just improvisation and walking around discovering (our favorite thing, as you already know 😅)

The feeling that I had when we were crossing the small streets was again, an Arabic vibe, it kind of looked like the souk because there was tiny shops all the way with stuff to sell such as purses, hats etc… and then we could see other small streets going up in the hills. Very impressive! We discovered cute places, bars and restaurants, the city center.

Not much to say about this day, we were so exhausted that we even ordered food in the hotel 😂



If you followed our trip properly, you must be thinking that this day should be the visit of the Alhambra. Indeed. But as the weather was not on our side, we decided to do otherwise and change the plan. Cordoba was in our list anyway but we decided to do in on the Thursday instead of the Friday.

Sooo Cordoba, also super duper cute to visit and there, 1 full day + 1 night are enough. We didn’t sleep there but we could have and we should have actually because we saw quite a few cute restaurants. But anyway, if you go there, I recommend you to stay at least 1 night.

What we really wanted to see was the cathedral because it’s a rare seen combination as it is a mix between a mosque and a cathedral. I find it amazing the fact that the monument just stayed the way it was built.

History moment: Andalusia was actually under the rules of the Muslims and Cordoba was the capital of the region. The mosque was built in 785 and converted into a cathedral in 1236 when the Christian took over during the Recquonquista.

The Mesquita is one of Spain’s major historic monuments and tourist attractions, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984.

After that, we walked through the Roman Bridge and then toward the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos. The castle is free to enter. A lot less impressive than The Royal Alcazar of Sevilla but still, worth the time.

Oh by the way, one thing you MUST try there: the salmorejo! It’s a cold soup super tasty and it actually comes from Cordoba so don’t miss it!

The restaurant we have been to try was: Bodega Campos.

It’s a bit expensive but the place is SO CUTE!



God, be ready to walk a LOT.

Because we are crazy people and we like to challenge ourselves we decided to walk to arrive there. OMG what a decision 😂

It was a walk of 45 minutes. But then, we didn’t think about the fact that it’s very ups and downs…

We died even before arriving there!

For you to know, I really recommend to book in advance because if I remember well, they limit the number of people entering. But the best advantage of it is that you don’t need to wait for hours in the queue, you can directly pass with your ticket and it’s so much faster!

Here is the link if you want to have a look at the place, the price and book.

If I would have only one word for this experience it would be WONDERFUL.

Honestly, the place is massive, beautiful, the architecture is amazing, from the outside to the inside. There is a soul in this place, it’s magical. You will see a mix between gardens fuuuuull of flowers & trees, fortresses, hot baths, courts and cats 🐱.

You really enter the castle and visit EVERYTHING. You can see the different cultures because it was a Muslim castle and then Catholic. That’s the beauty of it, a mix of cultures that you don’t see that often.

And the view! GOD!

It’s the most visited site in Spain, and I really understand why.

Don’t think twice, go for it.

If you are adventurous definitely try to walk there, but it’s tough. If not there actually a mini bus that drives you there.


That’s it for this trip!

I hope you will get some ideas to prepare this trip, don’t hesitate to comment to give more info if there is anything else to do there I would be happy to read you!

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