Why Having A Blog Can Be The Best Step To Create Freedom

Why having a blog can be the best step to create freedom

There is a myth that blogging is for influencers or to become one, yes it is but not only! And I want to break this thought because NO, blogging isn’t dead, even in 2021. Having a blog can definitely create the freedom you have been dreaming about!

I get it tough, with all the social media platforms out there it’s easier to get known and to create content on Instagram or TikTok. However, you can be quite limited there.

Whether you already have a business and a website where you sell your services and / or products or not, blogging can be beneficial for you in many ways.


Because of the power of the SEO! Google and other search engines want to provide new and fresh content and the fact that you are writing consistently gives the opportunity to the search engines to grow. The result is that they will very likely boost and push your business.

So if you are thinking about:

  • creating an online business
  • quitting your 9-5 job
  • getting more freedom
  • becoming a Digital Nomad
  • becoming an Influencer (yes of course it’s also for you!)


Then this article will make you change your mind about having a blog! If you are ready to dive in, let me show you the 6 reasons why having a blog can be the best step to create freedom!

1- Creating And Having A Website Is FREE

Well, almost free! But honestly, the cost of the domain name is so ridiculous that I don’t even consider it as paid 😅. I use IONOS btw, I bought my domain name for a few euros for the entire year, it works pretty well and the customer service is great and very reactive!

So basically, creating your blogging business is not going to cost plenty of money and for the beginning, I think that’s an important point to make.

Also, if you already have a website, you can easily add a blog page for free because you already have your domain name. Tough, if you are thinking about creating a website/blog and you will need to pay around 10 euros for the domain name purchase. What is 10euros for a year? Not even 1 euro per month, so you can do it!

This is probably the cheapest business you can have! And…it has so much potential!

2- You Don’t Need To Be Present Everyday

What I mean about that is that to compare with Instagram, where it’s highly recommended to be active everyday on stories and posting very consistently in your feed, having a blog is completely different.

In fact, if you don’t want to show yourself on social media, if you don’t feel comfortable being seen, blogging is the perfect tool for you cause you are “only” writing and you absolutely don’t need to show yourself. Of course it’s always better to “humanise” your blog but it’s not an obligation.

So again, blogging is perfect for you if you want to create an online business that doesn’t require your physical presence if I can say it this way.

Though, it’s not because you don’t need to show yourself that you have to take it easier. Not at all, you actually need to stick to a certain amount of post, all the time. Again, what’s different with IG is that posting once a week in your blog is completely enough, Google is definitely not going to will you for not posting everyday. We all know that to get visibility on SM we need to be very consistent and posting almost everyday.

3- It’s A Great Way To Show Your Expertise & Build A Community

Whether you are good at writing or not, having a blog is still one of the best ways to show your expertise and build a community.

Think about it, the recommended length for a blog post is between 1000 and 2500 words. There is nothing better than this to show your expertise, to talk about a specific topic and really dive into it. Plus, when people come accross your content, they know that reading a blog post will not take 1 minute.

Though, even if they were attracted to your title, is definitely not enough to keep them in your blog. You will need to write in a certain way, to be able to keep them in your page!

So again, whether you are a life coach, a brand strategist, an affiliate expert, blogging is an AMAZING way to give tips, tricks, meaningful content and deep dive into a topic – something you might not be able to do on Instagram for example. Don’t get me wrong, Instagram is such a powerful platform to use to create proximity with your audience, to show more a personal side of your business, to create a certain connection, but with only 2000 characters avalaible in the caption, you can’t really go deep into a topic. Furthermore, your audience on IG are not there to read long caption. Plus, the recommend length of the caption is 125-200 characters, because as I said, people don’t want to spend time reading. So better use Instagram to give a sneak peak of your blog post: use it to drive traffic! And that’s the next point I want to talk about 🙂

4- There Are Many Ways To Get Traffic And To Grow

As I just said above, Instagram is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. But not only Instagram, all social media platforms:

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest


Using different platforms will definitely help your to grow and be seen. Especially at the begining, cause it takes time to be ranked on top of the search engine (don’t give up though!)

In order to grow, the best platform to use is Pinterest, I wrote an entire article about it here where I give the reasons why Pinterest will be your best friend when you start blogging. Adding other social media platforms is a plus that will obviously be beneficial for your growth!

Though, let me give you a small advice. DO NOT go crazy on ALL platforms! Seriously, you will be overwhelmed and it is not gonna be good for your mental health! Try to think about your ideal audience, where are they hanging out?

Are they more on Instagram? On YouTube? On Facebook?

Always keep them in mind for everything you do, it will help you.

I recommend to focus on 1 social media platform + a search engine like Pinterest. At least at the beginning of your business.

5- You Can Sell Your Services & Digital Products

YES !!!! And this an amazing way to monetize your blog!

There are actually plenty of online jobs that you can start from anywhere in the world and that you can use to make extra income online: check this article, I give around 20 different online job ideas! Maybe you are working in corporate already and you like your job but want more freedom. Why not creating YOUR job and become a freelancer?

Also, depending on your niche and on your expertise you can definitely create digital products and sell them in your blog! The beauty of it is that it will generate passive income, meaning that your products will be selling automatically without you doing anything :). Isn’t it amazing?

By the way, talking about digital products, I am in the creation of my FIRST digital products 😍 I am so excited to share them with you ! If you want to know the exact date, follow me on Instagram, I will be sharing it!

Of course, there are other way to generate income with your blog but these 2 options are my favorites because they are yours and more powerful.

6- Your Blog Works For Itself

What I mean about that is, ok it can take a little bit of time to setup your blog, to create a few articles before getting views, readers, traffic (if you need help on this part, I have a FREE guide that you can download and that will guide you through all the steps) or if you need an extra help, I can help you create your website as it is my job as a web designer! Just drop me an email!

Anyway, I was saying that it can take time to actually setting up everything but once it’s done, it basically works for itself! After that, the only thing you will need to do is to create blog post every week and generate traffic with whatever method you want to use! Of course, if you want to create more, go for it but stay consistent, that’s what matter.

The most difficult part is when you start, because you don’t have the traffic yet, but keep going, it’s gonna work!

The guide to create your blog step by step

I hope this post helped you to understand the power that a blog can bring for the growth of your business and how it can bring the freedom you have been dreaming about! If you have any question, leave it in the comments below 🙂

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