5 Reasons To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Blog

You might be thinking “Why is everybody talking about Pinterest?”

I know, I was there too. I was like, but why do I see that I need to use Pinterest to grow my blog etc… I didn’t get it because I was only using Pinterest for some decoration pictures 😂 or just to look for cool pictures to print and put in my bedroom you know…

I didn’t get the point of Pinterest. Until a few months ago actually, when I decided to go deep into the creation of my blog.

It’s an amazing tool and in this article I will give you 5 reasons to use Pinterest to grow your blog, so take a pen and take some note!

1. Pinterest is a Search Engine

First of, Pinterest is a visual search engine and what does it mean? Well, basically it means that you have to take care of your pin designs but also in your titles and texts.

Also, what it means is that, as Google, a search engine is super duper powerful. Unless a social media platform, you can find relevant and specific content on Pinterest. On Instagram, you can’t just go on the search bar and look for a specific post, nope. You can only find hashtags or people but not post. On Pinterest YES and that’s its super power! Because of that, you will find plenty of relevant posts so imagine how much traffic you can generate from this?

2. You Can Reach New People Everyday

The second super power of Pinterest is that people don’t need to follow you to see and find your post, rather than social media (again).

What it means is that, again, as a search engine, people type a specific keyword to answer their problem and they will find your pin!

So even if you don’t have a lot of followers, people will find you and that’s the magic of it and this is how you grow your blog.

3. Your Pins Grow CONSTANTLY

Again, I am comparing with a social media platform but it’s just to show you that you cannot put all your energy on Instagram.

Look, when you share a post on Instagram, the life time of it is like 24h to 48h right? It’s nothing… Annnnd, I am sure you know how the algorithm works, if people don’t intereact with your post, you will quickly be off the game.

On Pinterest, that’s the opposite!

Your pins have a longevity of 4 to 12 months, MONTHS!

Excuse me? 😲


Isn’t it amazing?

4. The Number Of Followers Doesn’t Matter

As I said in the previous paragraph, the number of followers doesn’t really matter to grow, to get traffic to your blog.

How does it work?

You create a blog post, you create different designs, you pin them on Pinterest with the right titles and description and you let it grow.

5. It’s Easier Than Google

And last, but not least…

Even if Pinterest is a search engine, it’s so much easier to grow on the platform than growing on Google!


Well, basically because Pinterest is only visual. Meaning that you can easily get lost into it 😅 it’s like going to IKEA. You go there for a specific reason and you end up discovering stuff you didn’t even think about. Yep…

Unless Google, where you have to wait for a lonnnnng time to be ranked in the first pages, on Pinterest it can be very fast. If you are consistent, if you share content every day, you will be found very easily and obviously, the readers are very likely to read your blog!

Those are very basic reasons. Pinterest has such a huge potential for the growth of your blog (and not only!) so better get started immediately!

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