5 Reasons To Do Affiliation Marketing In 2021

Are you the type who scrolls all over Instagram and is dreaming while liking travel pictures?

Do you actually dream to travel the world and be able to get passive income even when you are not working?

In today’s article I want to walk you through 5 reasons why you really should start doing affiliation marketing in 2021. It is a type of business model that will allow you to get a passive income even without a community on social media and no investment when starting.

YES you read properly!

But, what is Affiliation Marketing?

Affiliation Marketing, what is it?

Are you recommending movies or restaurants to your friends, family? Yes right?

Then you have already done affiliation!

The only difference? You haven’t been paid for it.

So as you might have understood, affiliation marketing is the fact that you recommend a product or a service to someone. The person who you are recommending to, click on a link (this link has a cookie that is connected to you) to buy the item. Because of this link, the seller can trace that you are the one “selling” the product and then, you are the one getting paid!

The good thing is that the price is NOT higher and it’s a win-win process.

The client gets the product/service at the same price, you get a commission and the seller makes a new sale because of you 😊 without having the need to promote it.

So now that I explained briefly what affiliation is, I will now give you 5 reasons why in 2021, you MUST start implementing this business model in your list.

Ready to dive in?



Do you dream to travel the world and getting paid?

Do you dream about being your own boss and have free time as much as you want without having the pressure of a corporate environment (or a boss)?


And you know what?

Affiliation can give you this freedom!

What you need are basics: a computer and an Internet connexion.

Though, I want to insist on something: it’s not MAGIC. You are not gonna get a full income right from the beginning. Well, yes you can but you need to be very motivated and put a lot of WORK. The results are so amazing that it’s worth the time you spend at the beginning.



The second important point is that you don’t need experience, you don’t need to be an expert because what you do is recommending the service/product of someone else.

Though, it is highly recommended that you test the item before talking about it. Even, be selective with what you propose: you need to create trust with your audience. And if you just propose many different things, completely different from each other, be sure that it will sound kinda weird.

That’s the amazing thing about doing affiliation. You absolutely don’t need any experience, any expertise because you are NOT the creator. You are the “marketer” I know it sounds hard haha but don’t take it that way, what I mean is that you just need to talk about it. That’s it!

And honestly, you already do this every day when you recommend a restaurant or a movie to a friend.



This point is probably what’s gonna make you really want to start.

Do you know one business where you don’t need to invest 1 cents on it to start?



Every business needs an investment, small or big but this business model doesn’t because it is NOT your product.

That’s the beauty of affiliation, you just need to believe in the product, the service. You don’t need to spend 100euros to start promoting it. Look, if you want to create a specific social media account to promote them, it’s free, you want to create an email list? Again, you have free platforms to be able to do this.

This business model is the only one you can start right now with no money!




You don’t need a big community on Instagram: quality over quantity!

A quick personal example, I started with MLM and even with about 800 followers (ok it’s not a lot but just to compare haha), it was very hard to convert them. A partner of mine, started her Instagram from scratch, her results were amazing!

What I am saying is that you don’t need to have 100K followers, you don’t need to be an influencer to start affiliation, you can easily create your community from 0. Of course it’s easier but clearly not mandatory. What’s also interesting is that you can diversify your content platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Blog, E-mail, Facebook etc…

What you need is a good strategy to implement 😊



Have you heard about passive income? In case nope, just a small reminder for you to understand what I am saying.

Basically, it’s getting money when you sleep. Of course, you create something first and then it works by itself afterwards. Everything is automated, meaning that you visit my blog for example, I put a few links all over, you click on one, you buy a course and BOOM I get a commission. This will be called a passive income.

What I “just” need is to get traffic in my blog. But this is another topic 😊

What you need to do: create a place where you share free content, it can be a blog, a YouTube channel, an Instagram account where you will talk about your affiliate products.

To wrap up the post, affiliation marketing is one of the easiest business to build as you don’t need to invest, you don’t need a big community, you don’t need a specific expertise etc. What you need though is motivation, consistency (yep!) and invest TIME!

If you are interested about other business ideas you can do online, this article might be interesting for you!

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