20+ Online Business Ideas You Can Do From Anywhere

20+ Online Business Ideas

Are you thinking about creating an online business to be able to travel when you want and where you want? In today’s article I am sharing a list of a 20+ online business ideas that you can start in 2021 with only a laptop and an internet connexion!


Affiliation is the fact that you recommend a service or/and a product to your community, your friends, your family and when they buy from your link, you get a commission on each sale. This online business is one of the easiest to implement and to create as it doesn’t require a specific expertise. If you want to know more about this topic, I wrote an article just here!


This is a good base if you are thinking about creating an e-commerce in the future. It gives you a pretty good idea about how it works. Though, with this business model, it’s so much easier than running an e-commerce website because you don’t manage any stock and customer service. You actually sell products of someone else.


If you are good with all the administrative stuff and you like helping others, this might be a good fit for you! A virtual assistant will assist entrepreneur (for example) in their daily/weekly/monthly administrative tasks, such as, email management, meeting scheduling, calendar management etc…


Do you like drawing and you are good at it? Then make your passion a reality and become a graphic designer! We all need a graphic designer in our business, from the creation of your logo, to the creation of social media templates, this is super needed and very helpful. We all need your art skills!


This is what I do! If you are creative and like to create new things, it can be interesting for you. You don’t need to be a tech savvy, today we have access to different all-in platform where you “just” need to create the design. What you would do is design and create the website of freelancer, entrepreneurs etc…


You like to write and you are good at it? Go for it! This is such an important skill and task when creating and running your business. What you would do is writing content for freelancers, entrepreneurs for their website, their marketing materials etc… The goal is, of course, to attract and keep your ideal client in your blog/website and the power of copywriting is amazing!


You like to write, create content, inspire and help others? You have a story to share? An idea to defend? Start a blog! It is such a powerful tool to share your ideas, your vision, your products. And no, blogging is NOT dead.


Feeling comfortable with social media? You like hanging out on social media? Become a community manager! The community manager will take care of your SM platforms, it can be the full management of your account from publishing, answering DMs etc…


Well, I guess you already know what is a coach? Helping & teaching people about something you are good at. In this case, you will be specialized in one social media, you will know everything about it! Your job will be to help, teach people to get use to it, to use the platform properly and to know it perfectly to develop their business.


Search Engine Optimization, the power of it is incredible. When you know how this work, you will kill the internet. Basically, SEO is mastering the search engine. Being a consultant is to understand the magic and the power of it and to give your expertise to business owners to get a better ranking on the search engine, how to get more traffic in their website.


At some point, when you think you have done the maximum to get organic traffic, it’s probably time to start using Facebook Advertisement and what’s best to be assisted by an expert in the field.


Do I need to explain this job? Really? Though, it is not something that you build overnight, it takes time to create a strong and big community! Consistency and authenticity are key to get success.


Are you familiar with videos? A lot of entrepreneurs are looking for this skill because creating videos take a lot of time. So again, what’s best to reach out an expert to create the best video for you?


Google Analytic is a MUST have when you have a website/a blog because it will allow you to get a lot of info about your traffic. Do you like numbers and analyses? This business is perfect for you!


A brand strategist is a marketing expert specialized in the growth of your brand. Your role is to analyze all the aspects of a brand (the position, the offer, the values etc…) to be able to create the perfect strategy for the brand to gain visibility and grow.


Are you a tech savvy and you love codding? Then, go for it! To differentiate with Web Designer !! The Web Designer only (mainly) design the website, rather than the developer who actually code and create the website.


You love making pictures? And you actually have a good eye for it? Then why not starting promoting yourself on social media


It can be wide when I say digital agency. It can include your services as an Influencer Marketing Expert, Graphic Design, Web Design, Virtual Assistance… All-in one place!


If you love helping people, motivate people and inspire people, then you should consider looking for more info on this job.


Are you fluent in different languages? Why not becoming a freelancer as a translator?


MLM or multi-level marketing has sometimes a bad image because a lot of people are mixing this business model with Ponzi Pyramid. Though, you have to remember that NOT all the MLM are based on this pyramid. It is kind of similar to affiliation marketing, except that in this business model you are part a company and you need to sell and recruit people that want to do the same as you to be able to grow.

Voila! That’s it 😊

Well no that’s not it, there are many more online business ideas but this list is already a good start. I hope it gives you some ideas! Think about what you like and what you are good at, it might definitely help you to take a decision.

Just to close this article, those are ideas that you can definitely think about. You can find a lot of information about the different jobs but one sure thing: you will need to study and learn to be able to create your business. Though, if you already have experience in a field and that you feel comfortable sharing and talking about it, then obviously you can do it.

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