10 Steps To Create Your Online Business Without Breaking The Bank

10 steps to create your online business without breaking the bank - thenomadgirl

Are you thinking about starting your online business but you don’t know how and what to do? This year, it’s the perfect moment for you to start creating the life you have been dreaming about. That’s why in this article I’ll give you the exact 10 steps to create your online business.

And as there is only 4 months left to the end 2021, better start now!


Let’s dive in!


1- Find your Idea

Obviously, this is the first thing that you have to think about. Without an idea, you can’t really go anywhere. Does it make sense?

How to find your idea?

Usually, when you start about being your own boss, you already have an idea, deep inside.

A cool exercise to do is to write down:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What is your biggest dream? Please, do not limit yourself here!
  • Your skills: what are you currently doing at work? What have you done in your previous jobs/internships? In which area do you have experience? What did you like and dislike? What are you good at?
  • Your personnality: your personnality tells a lot about your strenghts & weaknesses, but also about what you would be more suitable for. Check the website www.16personnalities.com to find out!
  • What are your friends and family are always asking for?
  • Ask all your friends and family about your strenghts!
  • Now you have all the answer, does it connect with your 16 personnalisties results?

With this exercice you either have a confirmation of what you want to do, or you have found a new idea! Exciting right?

What you can do now, is to list all of the ideas you got from this exercise and rank with the one you are the most excited about to the less excited about. Because don’t forget that you have to LOVE what you do, that’s the whole purpose of it.

If you want an extra help, I wrote an article where I share 20 online business ideas just here.


2- Define your Why

Maybe this can even come before finding your idea. But it doesn’t really matter. The most important is that you actually define it properly.

I have to tell you something very important: your journey as a business owner, creator will be hard. You will feel like giving up, sleeping because you are tired, shy to show yourself and to talk about you/your products.

Your WHY will be THE thing that will keep you awake, going forward, motivated. It’s a game changer for the development of your business.

It’s usually connected to your passion, what you are dreaming about.

In my case, I want to be able to live and travel where and when I want; I want to be able to help my mum as much as possible. I want to live the life I’ve been dreaming about my entire life because I was raise in a family where we didn’t have a lot. And I want to change the cycle. It’s connected to my heart and when I think about it I can feel it, I can feel that that’s the thing.

Be very specific about it because as I just said, it will help you going forward ALL THE TIME.


3- Clarify your Vision

This one is slightly connected to your why. But I have another exercise for you, hope you like doing exercices btw 😂

I want you to close your eyes and to IMAGINE your DREAM life, days, weeks, weekends.

Write down where you want to go with your business, how do you imagine yourself in 1 year, 5 years and 10 years? How do you imagine the future of your business?

How do you imagine your future as a business owner?

Don’t limite yourself and write down EVERYTHING you want to achieve in the long run:

  • what’s your income:
  • how many hours do you work per week:
  • what do you do outside of work:
  • how do you get your income:
  • what your annual revenue:
  • do you have a team? If yes, how many and what for:
  • where do you live:

Dream big, imagine big, there is nothing with it!


4- Define your Target Audience

When defining your audience, your ideal client, you need to be very specific about their pain points, their dream, their aspiration, their income, their hobbies.

Why is this important? Simple because it will help you to create content, to create your offer, to decide the way you communicate with them, the way you entertain them.

Their paint points is porbably the most important because this defines what you are going to create to help them sloving their problem.

Don’t forget that: you need to help them solve their problem!

Something that I want to add and that is very important: be yourself, all the time. People will find you and your ideal client will find you and connect with you automatically.


5- Find your Business Model

Your business model is how you want to make money 🤑

There is actually a lot of choices, but these are a few examples:

  • Selling digital products
  • Selling digital courses
  • Selling services
  • Doing online coaching
  • Affiliation marketing
  • Creating a membership program
  • etc…

Of course, you don’t need to limite yourself to one business model. Though, I advise you to study it properly to understand which one fits better for you!

I actually wrote an article about affiliation marketing right here, check it out, it can help you!

Btw, affiliate marketing is a great one if you are a blogger.


6- Find your Business Name

OMG you have no idea how much I’ve struggled to find mine 😩 and it made me lose so much time for NOTHING.

So please, don’t do the same as me, it’s really not worth it because you can change it on the go.

A little tips: it doesn’t need to represent your business. Google or Nike are famous now but it doesn’t explain what’s the business is about.

What you can do, if you are like me and that you want something that shows what you do, you write down all the synonyms that are related to your business idea.

For example, you wanna create a travel blog, write down everything that is connected to travel, all the synonyms. But also, what do you want your brand to be about, what is the image you want to share? Fun, serious, luxurious? Having this in mind can also guide you in the process.

You can also use your name, I personally didn’t want because my name is impossible to pronounce, but if you want to create a personal brand you can definitely use this option.


7- Set your Objectives

When you do this task, go back to your vision, it will help you set your goals the best way possible.

Setting your goals when you start will help you to empty your mind, to get clarity on what you can achieve, what you can’t do and then, to set up a proper plan.

It will make your life easier.

I actually allow myself to say this because it’s a mistake I’ve done. I had my vision and my why but I wasn’t sure about my business model. Also, last week I’ve done a complete reorganization and then, I’ve prepared all my objectives so I thought sharing this with you.

In this part, set precise objectives = SMART






I personally do this way:

  • 1 very long term, which is equal to your vision
  • 1 long term, which is around a year
  • 1 mid-term, which is arround 6 months
  • 1 short term, which is around 1 month
  • 1 very short term, which is your week

For each objective, use the SMART way.

This part leads us to the next one.


8- Create a Plan

Once you have set your objectives for the week, the month and the year, it’s time to prepare a GOOD plan!

I actually was using an paper agenda to do it but last week I’ve watched a video that completely switched my mind 😂 so I threw my agenda to go to digital!

I’ve prepared my whole plan on Google Agenda: I love it!

Of course it depends of your type, but as I am more into visual, using Google Agenda allowed me to seperate my tasks with colors and it’s so much clearier for me.


The first things that you put in your plan are definitely your YOU moments. We often forget it as entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs to be but those moments are important if don’t want to burn out!

And then, you organize your days, weeks, months, year, depending on your goals.

This part is really important because as I said, you will get so much more clarity and your mind will thank you because everything is written and you KNOW what you have to do.

I really insist on this because I am not an organized person, I usually go with the flow and that’s so WRONG! It’s good for some time but at some point I was completely lost and I didn’t know what to do. Big big mistake!

Your plan will gather your tasks defined based on your goals, your objectives, your vision.

Think about what you want to do first? Second? Third?

For example, yo want to create a blog, think about the first thing you need to do, set your objectives based on that and put it your Google Agenda plan.

By the way, if you want to create a blog, I have a free guide where I teach you the steps-by-steps! Click below!

grab your free guide to create your blog

9- Set up your Social Media account & your Website

Wow, we already arrive at this point!

This is not mandatory but honestly, who, in 2021 doesn’t have an Instagram account and a website?

Also, it’s the best way to get yourself know, to get visibility, to get confidence, to show your expertise, your services, your products etc…

Plus, in 2021, creating a strong community is super duper recommended because before buying something, consumers need to trust you, to trust your products.

I just want to quickly share with you WHY you need to get a website/ a blog. Having an Instagram account is great, but you don’t own it. And, it’s better to put your eggs in different baskets. With a blog, you will get more chances to get visibility.

Once you have created your accounts, share consistent and valuable content!


10- Surround Yourself !

Last but not least, surround yourself with business friends, entrepreneurs, people that understand you, your fear, your doubts. Surround yourself with people that will support you, help you, cheer on you and push you forward.

I’ve also done this mistake, even though my boyfriend is very spportive, he is not (yet) in business so sometimes, when I struggle it can be difficult because he doesn’t understand.

So please, don’t stay in your corner, go and meet people, Instagram is a social media with plenty of entrepreneurs that will be happy to support you.

Also, be aware that your friends & family will sometimes don’t get you, don’t support you because they might be afraid for you but please, don’t listen to them and always focus on your vision and your why!

Voila! You have now everything you need and I hope these 10 steps to create your online business will help you to take actions and to be able to create your dream life!

If you have any question, please comment in the section below or contact me on Instagram!

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