10 Best Brunch Places To Try In Amsterdam

As I am a HUGE fan of brunches and food in general (yes I love to eat, especially avocado), me and my boyfriend are always looking for the best places to go. But like, really the best. We usually google the restaurants around us and pick the ones above 4.5 stars. It may sound crazy I know but at least, I’ve got the best brunch places in Amsterdam and I’ve tried all of them (almost) so this is my personal experiences.

Of course there are a lot more but either I probably don’t know them, or I haven’t been very happy about them.

So if you are also a passionate of good food, continue to read because I have selected the 10 best brunch places of the city and you will definitily NEED to try them. 🙂

As a (perfect) Libra, I didn’t list them by preference because I am not able to choose 😅 they are all AMAZING and prices are similar.

Bakers & Roasters

Well, I have to say that this place is one of my favorite in Amsterdam! Honestly, we used to go every weekend with my boyfriend because it is SO good and the staff there is as great!

The food is very atypical in a way that it’s a mix between Australian & Brazilian food. Weird mix you would say? Not at all, it’s delicious!

They have plenty of options and they also have a special menu that change every seasons. Now, during Covid they don’t have it anymore but that’s totally fine because their “base” menu is well enough!

There, you will find proper brunch plates: all about poached eggs, avocado 😍, potatoes, bread etc… But also salads, granola bowls etc…

What’s important to mention is that they are vegan friendly, you will find many dishes with this option. My favorite plate is vegan and it’s The Veggie Breakie if you are curious. But honestly everything is worth the try.

Oh and you must try the French Toast !!!! You can’t leave this place without trying it!

For both people, we usually pay around 35EUR – 40EUR for 2 mains dishes and 2 coffees. Good to mention, for my boyfriend, their coffees are the best of the city. I disagree but they are good!

They are located in De Pijp & Amsterdam West. You MUST book on their website because it’s very popular.



This place is also super amazing and for me it is the second best brunch place in the city, really. Again, plenty of choices and the plates are massive, but really. The food is delicious!

My favorite dish is the Benny Boy Avocado (of course I need to add avocado) & the Forest Dwellers (this was is made with mushrooms & truffle. I personally love mushrooms so…) though, I’ve tried the others because I am afraid to try new things and dislike it 🙄

There are 3 locations:

  • Westerpark
  • Vondelpark
  • Houftuin – this one is the best location as it has a garden, it’s super duper cute. Though, one bad thing I have to say: don’t be in a rush to be served… They are a bit slow but the food is amazing

Price wise, we usually pay between 35EUR and 40EUR for 2 dishes and 2 coffees.


Staring at Jacob

Also pretty amazing food there! American style, famous for its waffle and fried chicken. I mean, they are famous for all their food but those 2 are a MUST try because it’s really delicious. I remember with my boyfriend we were preparing for a race so we were on a very strict diet and for our cheat meal I was dying to go there to have the chicken. OMG you can’t imagine the size of my plate, it was so big that I had to open my pants at the end of the meal (who doesn’t do this though?)

So yes, this place again, a MUST try if you go to Amsterdam. What’s also cool about it it’s that it’s not in the center so it gives you the opportunity to get out of the crowd and visit another part of the city.

There is only one location though, and again, book in advance is highly recommended because it’s very popular!

Price range: between 30EUR and 40EUR for 2 people.



Here we are into the British vibes! In this place you will find english breakfasts and brunches all day with fresh & local food. Great dishes again, super tasty and they are very generous on the quantity! The good thing is that you will also find vegan and vegetarian options.

The 2 restaurants are super well located and easy to go to, right in front of the canals!

  • Amsterdam Singel
  • Amsterdam Keizersgrach

The prices are very similar to the others, count around 40EUR for 2 people if you take 2 dishes and 2 coffees.


The Avocado Show

Avocado lover here? Except from me?

This place is definitely worth to try because everything is made with avocado. But like everything! I exagerate a little bit, there are other stuff but you will find avocado in every dish.

They even have avocado ice cream…I haven’t try, I am not that courageous! 😅

That was very interesting to go, to try different things, I really liked the experience and the place looks very cute too.

I can’t tell you about the size of the dishes because we went for small portions to try many different things, like the burgers and the bun was actually an avocado! It’s definitely worth it. I mean, you need to be an avocado lover.

There are 2 locations in Amsterdam:

  • De Pijp
  • Amsterdam center

Price wise, very similar to the previous brunch places. One main dish is like 15EUR so again, count around 40EUR for 2 people.


Little Collins

I’ve been only once there but I wasn’t disappointed at all so I want to add it in my list!

If I remeber well, the menu is quite interesting and you will find again, plenty of typical brunch dish, but also more “normal” dish. I remeber trying something different (for once 🙄) it was a mix of sweet and salty thing but it was really good!

My boyfriend went there a few times and again, never disappointed!

There are 2 locations:

  • Amsterdam West: they are only open Thursday to Sunday – book online or walk-in
  • De Pijp: they are open everyday but walk-in only.

Prices are very similar to the other places, so again, count 20EUR per person apx.



This place….


Pancake fans here? Come over!

I mean, the choices are amazing, the places are so cute, the vibe is great and the taste… do I need to say it?

If you go there, do not eat anything before because you will not be able to finish your plate 😂 honestly, you should really try if you love pancakes.

I can’t remember what I’ve got there ☹️ if my memory is good enough, I’ve had a sweet one the first time and a salty one the second time. But that’s all I can remember…

You will find 3 different places in Amstedam:

  • Amsterdam Center
  • Amsterdam West
  • De Pijp

About the prices, again very similar to the others. I mean, I’m just thinking about it now, they all have the same prices it’s crazy! So voilà, count around 40EUR in total for 2 persons.

The last 2 places I haven’t been yet but it’s definitely on my list, we have been wanting to go there a few times but never found the opportunity unfortunately! So if you go there before me, let me know how it was!

Once I go there I will definitely update this article for you.


GS Brunch Boat

The only thing I know about this place and that’s actually the reason why I really wanna go, it’s because I’ve heard so much about their fried chicken and waffles.

But also of course, because it’s actually on a boat! And that’s amazing, you are visiting the city while eating, I love the idea!

You must book in advance as it’s very popular and the departure is from the center.

There is another location in De Pijp if you really want to try and that the boat is full. But again, book online to be sure!


Bam Boa

I haven’t tried this place yet, unfortunately. BUT I definitely NEED to go there because I’ve read and heard good things about this place. Annnnd, from what I’ve seen, the place is super duper cute, very “Instagramable”.

That’s it for now!

Amsterdam it’s such a great city to visit, it’s very charming and atypical. You will find plenty of restaurants there, a lot of different type of food as well such as Indonesian, Thai, Libanese, Italian etc…

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