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Web Designer, travel addict, ridiculously impulsive when it comes to food, self-learner always looking for digital courses, animal lover, stubborn Libra & hypersensitive. 

I'm Sarah

Hey there!

A French country girl who decided to make her passion a reality.

I'm here to inspire & help the soulful biz owners stand out in the online world with my easy-to-use templates.

Helping the ambitious and travel lovers to create their dream life with their dream job.

My mission ?

blog ?

What's in the

Because my main goal is to help you creating your online business while traveling the world, between travel tips and beautitful destinations, you will find plenty of content about business, marketing and web design.

All you need to know to create your nomad life and be free.

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I'm Sarah

The French country girl turning her dream into reality, working from anywhere I want just with my laptop! Now, I want to help you do the same, with the power of blogging.

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